— Let's start with some music. First off, my band finally released their first single from the new album FINALLY, which is super exciting (and we filmed a stupid video with crocodiles). Aside from listening to my own voice, I've been hitting quite a lot of The Sonder Bombs, Hospital Bracelet and Origami Angel in the last week, and I'm so excited about the state of music right now. None-dude-fronted bands are the future and makes me want to sit down. But then I get bored (Thanks Bo Burnham for personally attacking me).

— zeroheight announced their Series A funding last week, after months of building up to it. It's pretty darn exciting, mainly because it means we're growing the team even more, including my first opportunity to hire someone in the US. I'm really excited, because I get to build out a team of Design Advocates who actually get to... well, advocate. Still pinch myself that my job is entirely about educating people how to build great design systems, build great teams, build good designops practices and generally do better design.

— I finally started reading Mike Monteiro's Ruined By Design this week, after it's been sitting on my shelf collecting dust for 12 months. The ethic and moral obligations of design have been weighing heavy on my mind, especially since getting into this role, and I want to work more and more about ethical design into what I write about. This is a great primer on how capitalism has fucked the world, and the role that designers have played in this. I highly recommend it to anyone who makes any kind of product decisions to read this and take it to heart.

— I've been exercising my illustration muscles a bit more again at work in an attempt to create some fun merch we can send out. This little guy below probably won't ever see the light of day on any official merch, but it was fun to try and reinvent the zeroheight logo...

Little grafitti zeroheight boi